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Tel Aviv City Portrait 1909

(Book Intro)

The city of Tel Aviv was founded in 1909, when sixty families decided to leave the city walls of Old Jaffa and establish a new neighborhood. 105 years later, in 2014, I embarked on my own journey beyond the borders that delineated my life. I left a ‘typical’ career path and without any backup plan set out towards something new - with a camera in my hand.

I decided to explore Tel Aviv, spontaneously getting off the bus at different locations and taking pictures. There, on the street, I found the vitality, simplicity and inspiration I needed. I wandered the city at all times of the day, from the peak of summer, through the winter rain, each time catching another moment, another story. I photographed mainly from the street, but also while riding buses, from rooftops, the beach and even from within the waves themselves. I photographed architecture, street art, the sea and of course people: the exhilarating mix of residents, tourists, business owners, lovers and crowds that fill Tel Aviv’s squares, cafes, bars and markets.

After hundreds of hours of wandering and thousands of pictures and experiences, I decided to gather the best moments into one book. A book that would allow you to travel to the iconic as well as discover the hidden and explore the less familiar. Celebrating Tel Aviv’s 1909 start, I have chosen 190 photographs spread across 9 chapters. Each chapter takes you through a different part of the city. Each area has its own essence but taken together create a one city portrait of Tel Aviv-Jaffa: artistic, moving and dynamic.

Join me in exploring my favorite city!


Ido Biran

Delivery worldwide. Free delivery inside Israel. Pick up from Tel Aviv available.

The book is also available at : Ha'Migdalor - 18 Mikve Israel St. | Ha'Tzalmania - 5 Tchernikhovski St. | Little Prince Bookshop - 19 King George St. | The Bauhaus Center - 77 Dizengoff St. | Asufa Tel Aviv - 212 Dizengoff St. | Asufa Yafo - 2 Nachman St. Flea Market |Gvanim - 63 Ibn Gvirol St. | Hadar Kria - 88 Ibn Gvirol St. 

Soft cover: 294 pages in color | English & Hebrew | Self published | April 2019


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