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    # T I T L E : THE LIGHTHOUSE - picture #82 in the book 1909 Tel Aviv City Portrait
    This print of the Bugrashov Life Guard Station in Tel Aviv was taken during a stormy day. It combines change and stability, beauty and strength, a sense of calm alongside intensity. People who see it usually look at it for a few minutes and tell me they dived inside until everything around them became still and quiet. This print would be a perfect fit for your bedroom, living room, study or as a gift to a close friend. Just look at it and become focused and centered. 

    # M E D I U M: Luster print (unframed). 


    #SIZES(cm): 30X45 | 40X60 | 67X100 | 84X127

    #SIZES(inch): 12X18" | 16X24" | 26X39" | 33X50"

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