# T I T L E : SHOKO BANANA -  picture #107 in the book 1909 Tel Aviv City Portrait
    One day I found myself on the beach holding a SHOKO BANANA Popsicle. I started to play around with it and this is the outcome - a playful humorous print. This photo is one of my favorites and has become my project's trademark. This print will put a smile on the viewer's face at a first glance and is a perfect fit for the kitchen, dining room, nursery or study/working space.

    # M E D I U M: Luster print (unframed). 


    #SIZES(cm): 30X45 | 40X60 | 67X100 | 84X127

    #SIZES(inch): 12X18" | 16X24" | 26X39" | 33X50"

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      tel-avivi CITY PORTRAIT | urban photography since 2014

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