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Ido Biran

Photo credit: Maria Magril

Welcome to Tel-Avivi!

'Tel-Avivi City Portrait' was started by me in the summer of 2014 as a project capturing the city's street signs while sharing the stories of the people behind them. While leaving the street signs behind and finding new objects to focus on, the project evolved into something else - a project capturing not only the history of the city but also its present: the city's street art, architecture, nightlife, the beach, and most of all the city's inhabitant, the Tel-Avivim. The various characters that make up this city's landscape. 


I invite you to join Tel-Avivi and have a visual city tour with the pictures here on the website, at the Nachalat Binyamin Artfair where I'm exhibiting my photography every week, and with the visual tour guide book 1909. Also, you are more than welcome to follow Tel-Avivi on Facebook and Instagram.


For any questions you may have or a suggestion for a collaboration feel free to contact me.



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Clients, stores & galleries I had\have a great pleasure working and collaborating with:

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